Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Multiplication Masks

Today kids were coloring their masks and going around the room to ask the multiplication questions they put on their masks. They are really enjoying the multiplication problems.

 Ema is drawing her mask and it looks awesome.
 Francisco has a mustache.
 Mallory's Mask reminds me of batman. I do not know why though. 
 Savannah and Melony working really hard on their mask coloring.
 Cheyenne is sporting a very good look. 
 Tani's Mask has a flower on it
 Damian has very interesting eyes.
Maia is still in the valentines day mood.  
Alexus and Alexia working hard to make their awesome masks. 
 Madeline's mask has a cool nose. 

KJ's is very symmetrical.

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